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Danny is Justin’s old roommate from the years between when he moved out of his dorm until last year, when he moved in with his girlfriend. One of the best guy friends to our intrepid blogger, also the one who features in a majority of the personal stories, as he was around for most of them!

Notable Stories:

Danny Catches a Catfish


Danny’s long time, live in girlfriend. They met on a dating site (which shall remain nameless so as this site does not seem biased) 2 years ago, and moved in together last year. Emily will sometimes be the female point of view in conversations that occur between Justin and Danny.


Justin’s BFF (Best Female Friend). Originally met on a dating site (look carefully on this site and you may find out which one!), and had a very brief fling before realizing they got along better as pals. Mandy’s opinions and stories will be featured here in time when a female perspective is needed, such as our review of


Justin’s university ex-girlfriend, and zombie sorority girl. Dated for almost a year, at which time her meddling sorority sisters interfered.

Notable Stories:

Why I Wont Date Sorority Girls



Danny’s unfortunate Catfish girl. ‘Nuff said.



Justin’s current roommate, who has been out and proud for the past ten years. Also Justin’s go-to guy for any Gay Adult Dating Site Reviews needed.



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